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Radio Intereconomía is a thematic radio station which focuses on Economy. The channel launched in 1994 is owned by Grupo Intereconomía. Julio Ariza is the president of the corporation. Radio started broadcasting on October 7, 1994 initially as a radio with economic and financial content. After 21 years the corporation/group now has ownership to a number of assets which include, radio, television, online publishing facilities i.e., and; publications such as La Gaceta, Época and Diplomacia. Matías Varas is the director of the FM headquartered in Madrid.

The economic and financial information are complemented well by the general information content from politics, sports (sports means futbol), social and cultural events and others on Radio Intereconomía. A good space has been given to financial stories, stock updates and various market reports. IBEX 35, Euro Stoxx 50, Dow Jones and DAX are continuously updated and posted on the top of the homepage of website. La Gaceta, Intereconomía TV, Negocios, Espléndido, Punto Pelota, Radio Intereconomía and Radio Inter are categorized in top menu of the official webpage. Professionals and experts from the Spain and across the world participate in the daily business and discussions, and debates of Intereconomía. Enjoy the Madrid based 95.1 FM.


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More About Radio Intereconomía

Around 66% of the people surveyed by Sigma 2 believe the station as best when it comes to Stock Market stories and updates. The channel’s diversified approach can be seen by it content which is divided in four sections including Business, current affairs, politics, Spanish culture/lifestyle and music. The emisoras (stations) of the channel have different frequencies and are spread across Spain. The listeners of the Radio Intereconomía 95.1 FM and visitors, mostly urban, of the website: radiointereconomia of the station are business executives, investors, stock brokers, business employees and all those connected to business and finance in one way or the other. You can follow the channel 95.1 on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Spotify.


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Address: Grupo Intereconomía

Modesto Lafuente 42

28003 Madrid

Telefono: 91 432 77 66

902 99 66 11



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