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Radio Exterior de España Madrid, owned by Radio Nacional de España (RNE), is a Spanish international radio launched in 1942. The España station (REE) with the slogan of La voz de España en los cinco continentes (The voice of Spain in Five continents) is a national representation of Spain internationally. The channel is mainly intended for Spaniards living far from the country in the different continental locations. Exterior propagates the transmissions 24×7 on satellite and the Internet and formerly on shortwave as well. Broadcasting content of the Exterior includes Spanish, French, Arabic, Latino, Portuguese, Russian and English programming.

The programming of the REE includes news, weather updates, entertainment dose, sports stories and of course non-stop music charts. Exterior is considered to be the Spanish counterpart of the BBC World Service, Deutsche Welle and Radio Canada International. REE is available in all the popular formats including HF, DAB, Satellite FTA, TDT and internet. The multi-lingual Exterior for a short period of time ceases its shortwave broadcasts after resuming it to at least four hours a day. Thus the coverage of sporting events and the fishermen at sea were provided with the viable means to access the station broadcasts in Spanish. You can access the podcasts and online stream on the web-facility. Social handles of Facebook and Twitter can also be used to connect with the daily broadcasts. Enjoy Exterior from anywhere in the world on all the major platforms including ivoox, itunes and of course our website: RTVEClick the link to find more Spanish Radio stations.


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Address: Avenida de la Radio y la Televisión, 4
Pozuelo de Alarcón 28223, Madrid

Telefono: (34) 91 581 7000



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