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Radio-Excellence HaitiRadio Excellence is Haitian station based in Canada that broadcasts Gospel and Evangelic programs in French and Haitian Creole. Usually, the man generally expresses his thoughts, ideas, sensations, emotions and feelings through speech considering the best means of communication and contact. This initiative is made for the purpose of spreading the Word of God to the humanity.

After some best work in Haiti, particularly in Cap-Haitien as Teacher, Pastor, Leader of socio-evangelical and cultural activities of the city and radio host, arrived in Montreal with a desire to continue these works by feeding fine projects such as a radio station. The realization of radio excellence is not by chance, it’s a vision developed and nurtured for years. Make Broadcasting Excellence your partner in everything and everywhere to be consistently excellent in all your endeavors. You can listen to the Radio-Excellence via AudioNow@ 712 832 8102 | 514 316 6802 | 438 797 2860. Here is the website: Radio-Excellence Montreal


Listen Radio Excellence Montreal Online

Listen Radio-Excellence broadcasting content in Haitian Creole and French en direct from Canada. Wait as the stream loads.

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More About Radio-Excellence

Here is the vision of Excellence:

  • Propagate the gospel of salvation to the ends of the earth in justice and in all truth;
  • Be a reference in the fortification of the world by a universal programming (preaching, worship and praise, education, general view of social life) and the voice of the Montreal Youth;
  • Build in Montreal a community of peace, harmony and joy through training and inforamtion.


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  Address: 3875, Boulevard Crémazie Est, Montréal, Québec H1z 2k9, Canada Tel: 514-227-8703 Mob: 514-865-7157 Email:

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