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Radio Ecca Las Palmas de Gran Canaria 90.6 FM can be called a distant education center for adults. The channel was launched in 1965, with the aim of bringing the best training to as many people as possible, preferably to those most in need. But as its name suggests, ECCA is also a mean of communication. The station understands radio as a tool for the educational and cultural mission of this institution in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canarias and across the Spain. The source of education to many in Canarias is also a brand that informs its audiences with the day to day a happenings, news and current affairs. The channel has the participation of students, teachers, civil society, religious bodies, different levels of public administration and all the institutions of Human capital.  Radio ECCA 90.6 FM is therefore at the service of society and is committed to building a pluralistic, respectful and caring society. The program of the Radio pays special attention to situations of growing socioeconomic gap, environmental issues and the evidence of an increasingly interconnected world.

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From the seventies, Radio ECCA 90.6 FM collaborated with various Latin American institutions leading to a wide network of institutions, with one or another denomination, using the system of Radio ECCA distance learning. The work of cooperation with institutions in other countries continues in 2007. In West Africa, Radio ECCA aims the transfer of technology to its educational institutions capable of providing a service to education and culture of the societies and is determined to expand its applications further. Radio ECCA 90.6 FM wants to promote justice and coexistence; Wanting it to be a space for dialogue where values ​​that appear in both the concerns and proposals of secularism and the values, beliefs and choices of religious experiences become apparent. Radio ECCA 90.6 FM currently offers more than two hundred educational activities covering fields as diverse as technology, basic education, school, languages, health and environment. The education of current interest and utility is widely sponsored by the channel. Fans can follow the station on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube and flickr. Here is the website for the audiences: Radio Ecca Las Palmas 90.6 FM


Espectadores A nuestro aire Fin de semana con Dios
Lo Nuestro Jazz en ECCA Comunidad educativa


Manolo Rodríguez Olga de Fuentes Lucas López Paco Grimón
Jorge Hernández Santiago Bolaños Sebastián Vega Expedita Díaz
Braulio Trujillo Elisa Jiménez Manolo Martín Ramírez


Address: Avda. Escaleritas 64 – 1º. 35011 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria – Islas Canarias – España

Telefono: +34 902 312 212

Fax: +34 928 207 395




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