Radio Cool

Radio Cool 103.9 FM Léogâne, Haiti

Radio Cool 103.9 FM is a Leogane based Haitian station that broadcasts music and other generalist content including nouvelles, sociales, nationales, sports, internationales, Famille and Informations. The music broadcasted by the channel include Caribbean genres, Adult contemporary, Hip Hop, Rock, Jazz, dance and other world music genres. You can enjoy the newly launched radio located in Léogâne of Sud (South) online and support it to be the number one in the coastal commune of Ouest Department. Here is the website:


Listen Cool 103.9 FM Leogane en direct

Listen Radio Cool 103.9 FM Léogâne Online. Wait as the stream loads.

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Address: 135, Rue des Ramparts

Léogâne, Haiti

Téléphones: (509) 2813 9264 / (509) 3622 4954

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