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Radio Citadelle Inter was founded in July 2001 and inaugurated August 15, 2001 in the area of ​​Queens Village by Alex Calixte, commonly called D.J. Alex who is also the PDG (CEO) of Radio Citadelle Inter. A month later, the project (RCI) took shape with Eddly Desravines (DJ) Eddly Peter Valcin (Pélé), Alexandra Petitfa Belhomme, Rémy Gallant, Mario Joseph Marcelus (Roche Habiyé). Two years later, after a misunderstanding with some employees who did not work according to the principles and regulations established to RCI, the Radio Citadelle Inter has built in Brooklyn NY with a strong participation of several reporters and facilitators who make Radio Citadelle Inter the most powerful and the most listened to in the following areas: Manhattan, Queens, Long Island, Brooklyn, Bronx and that throughout the world via the net. Alex Calixte and Gesner Joseph are key figures of the Radio Citadelle Inter. Nouvelles, Sports, Culture, Music and much more is aired round the clock by the Citadelle Inter.

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  RCI is the first to broadcast live Sunday Mass on 88.5 FM Stereo from Ste Thérèse De Lisieux in Brooklyn, United States. Radio Citadelle Inter was one of the first Haitian community-based stations to use the internet, with portable computers as a tool for the live broadcast in New York and Haiti, covering events of great importance, especially the live broadcast of the Fête du Drapeau (Flag Day) each year in Brooklyn. Radio Citadelle Inter continues to raise the Christophienne pride in the heart of all Haitians in particular the Yankees. Capois, Capoises live worldwide by shocking stunning content like Septen/Tropic en Boléro, Artiste Lakay, Rendez-Vous de la Chanson, Kompa, Zouk and Sport Culturel. The 24×7 transmissions are available online on the official website: RadioCitadelleInter. You can find the Radio Citadelle Inter on AudioNow, Tunein and download the suitable desktop players as well as Android apps for Smartphones and Tablets from the online facility. You can also be a part of the family by donating for the community Radio for a cause. This is what makes the originality of the Radio Citadelle Inter and pride Capois, Capoises !!!


En Direct 4VEH du Cap-Haitien Dimanche Express Magazine- Business Info Sport Temperature (New York- Haiti) Citadelle Inter Histoire D’Haiti Musiques Instrumentals Connaitre La verite Pecheurs D’hommes (Isabelle Audate )
Rendez-vous De la Chanson Artiste Lakaye Antillaise Hour Blagues Artiste Lakaye Bamboche Kompa Citadelle inter Retro
Zouk Hours Rendez-Vous De La Chanson Musique Evangelique et Chaplet Ouverture -Documentaire sur Haiti Kombit kompa
Nouvelle Generation Kompa Nouvel Gaye La Messe Du Dimanche Rendez-Vous De La chanson Connaitre La Verite Pecheurs D’hommes (Dr. Wilfrid Audate)
Septen – Tropic En Bolero Citadelle inter Festi Et Septen Tropic Musiques Evangeliques (RCI) Reseau de priere (RCI) Histoire D’Haiti
Nouvel Gaye – Sport – Business info Tropicana Chaplet, Musiques Evangeliques Chansons Francaises et Artistes Lakaye Artiste Lakaye
Musique Classique et Instrumental Chita Tan’n (RCI ) Debat Sport Magazine Artistes Lakaye et Rendez-Vous De La Chanson (RCI) Retro

Notable Staff


Louis Mary Jean Pierre Jeany Joseph Don Rocher Max Pierre
Ronald Agnant Joseph Gesner Guerline Dardignac Joseph Wilkenson


Address: Alex Calixte P.O. Box 131 Hempstead NY 11551

Cell: (347) 444-9103

Tel: (718) 734-1408 (Studios)


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