Radio Caraibes FM

Radio Television CaraibesRadio Caraibes FM established in 1949 is a Haitian FM radio channel which is broadcasted live from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The channel founded by Brown family is currently managed by Patrick Moussignac. Among the favorite programs of the Caraibes is Ranmasse, a popular talk show which is rebroadcasted from well known radio stations of Miami, Pairs and Montreal. The channel is a voice of more 10.32 million citizens of Haiti and its expatriates and is a reason for the Haitians to enjoy the life. The North American nation widely speaks and understands French in the country surrounded with beautiful islands and tourist destinations. The frequency of the station is 94.5 MHz. The listeners can make contact on 718 355 9853.


Radio Caraibes FM – Listen Live Streaming

 Caraibes FM Haiti en Direct is available. Enjoy !!

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