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The Radio Bilbao Cadena SER 93.2 FM is a station in the city of Bilbao, the capital of the province of Biscay, also called Bizkaia, and the Basque Country, which is one of 17 autonomous communities of Spain – spanning the border between España and France on the Atlantic coast. Bilbao, the largest city of País, headquarters the Cadena SER branch. The 93.2 FM was founded on October 31, 1933, as Emisora Bilbaína. It opened at 7 pm with the speech of Diego Martínez Barrio, then president of the government of Spain. On the first day of transmission, when the mayor of Bilbao, Ernesto Ercoreca took the microphone, the machine broke. However, this problem does not prevent the success of channel at all in the coming years. The name was adopted in 1939, and the brand now belongs to its founder PRISA Group – one of the most important groups in Europe, where the significant and imperative media are the newspapers journal El País and network radio station Cadena SER, the parent body of the Radio Cadena SER. The slogan of the Cadena SER subsidiary is Te hablamos a ti (Talk To Yourself). The frequencies of Cadena for FM and OM are 93.2 and 990 respectively. Watch Bizkaia y la actualidad del Athletic and visit a la cara on the official site. The official website of station is: Enjoy Emisoras de Bizkaia on our website.

 Radio Bilbao Cadena SER

Radio Bilbao Cadena SER  – 93.2 FM en directo

Radio Bilbao Cadena SER en directo. Wait as the stream loads.



Here is a brief story of the great transitional phase and legacy the great transmission platform carries.

1931 – On October 31, born Radio Emisora Bilbaína. In 1939, adopts the name of Radio Bilbao, which cannot perish even today.

1943 – The SER (Spanish Society of Broadcasting) buys Radio Bilbao.

1949 – Eduardo Ruiz de Velasco is appointed the director. He remains in office for 40 years.

1951 – The Radio Bilbao organizes his first bullfight.

1964 – Radio Bilbao is transferred to the Christmas Park.

1965 – Birth of the programs and 89.5 Top 40, with Cuno Cuestos and Esther Ruiz de Azúa.

1983 – After the floods, the radio completes its 50 years.

1984 – The program Born El Loco Tximbo commenced which remained 17 summers in the air afterward.

2003 – The Radio Bilbao begins broadcasting on 93.2 MHz FM.


Address: Ercilla 24, 6 planta, Bilbao
Telefono: (94) 487-2100

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