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Radio Aguilar 107.9 FM in northern Palencia and South of Cantabria is a station launched in 2012. The creative vocation of this project has a lot to do with the words of Tolstoy: “Paint your village and you will paint the whole world.” Aguilar 107.9 FM has believed from the outset, in the absolute necessity of close communication, with an accent of northern Palencia and the aim of informing, entertaining and supporting all citizens of the region – and all that and other with focus, resolve and most important one, the LOVE!

News, music, Sports and Special broadcasts are among the main components of the content broadcasted by the Radio . The Rcommits to sound like a lifelong source. Aguilar radio news is an achievement and the emissions would leave a simple and constant effect on its limited share of audiences. The daily work to inform and entertaining the villages and towns extending to northern Palencia is a job worth-doing. With Rigor and determination and without getting lost in the chaos of the international information or drop in the stress of the big chains Aguilar filled the gap of representation of the entire region. Now the listeners can besides large chains, choose something altogether different, closer and their own. The Radio also has its recognition in neighbors who discover it to be equally informing and entertaining.


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More About Radio

  The mainstream media has its significance which cannot be overlooked but it’s never been compulsory to find one which is closer to you in many rather all the ways. Radio Aguilar is available in all the modern and popular formats including internet. You can visit the official website: The top visitors of site are form Spain, Germany and Ukraine with 65%, 13% and 5% visiting share. You can listen to the live content as well as podcast versions of the programs. Mon-Fri the timings of the Radio are 9:30 am – 3:00 pm. You can also find the station on social media platforms of Facebook and Twitter. Enjoy! If you are reading this and you are among the listeners of our stations, we are more than thankful to you! For more click Spanish.


Tablón de anuncios El Alirón Informativo Norte Agenda
Sábado Norte Canciones dedicadas Menuda mañana Siempre en la tarde

Locutores Principales

Obel Diez. De Sergio Gutiérrez
Gema Vicente


Address: C/Mercado 2 – 2ªPlanta – Aguilar de Campoo – Palencia

Teléfono: 979 12 58 71

Fax: 979 12 57 82



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