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RAC1, the Catalunya radio launched on May 1, 2000 is a privately owned FM station. Grup Godó is the owner to the Barca based channel. The radio has first position among the Catalan stations. Minoria Absoluta is one of the most popular programs hosted by the company. Humor and entertainment are the gems of the station. Radio broadcasts a variety of information and entertainment programs to socially and culturally diverse audiences in Spain and other Spanish (Catalan) speaking Latin American countries. The general format station broadcasts current affairs, news sports, entertainment, cultural, culinary and most of all the popular and classic Spanish music. A whole library of A la carta is also available for the visitors. The Barcelona based station is the one of the top radio streaming brand in country. Visitors can connect with the FM via Facebook and Twitter handles. You can find more on the official website: www.rac1.org


 RAC1 Catalan en directe

Wait as the stream loads. RAC1 en directo



La segona hora Superdiumenge Tot és possible La primera pedra La competència
Primer toc El Barça juga a Versió RAC1 Tu diràs No ho sé
Ultraesports No hi som per festes El món a L’Espanyol juga a RAC1 Via lliure
100 Metres Amb molt de gust Misteris 14/15




Address: Av. Diagonal 477 Planta 15 – 08036 BARCELONA

Telephone +34 932 704 400 | 902 477 100

 Email: rac1@rac1.net

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