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CFQX-FM - QX 104.1 FM Manitoba

QX 104 also known by its call letters CFQX-FM is a Winnipeg based Country music station launched on November 9, 1981. On March 20, 1979 CRTC denied a bid made by Denis L. Cloutier, the applicant looking to make a broadcasting debut. The proposed wattage and frequency would be 7,700 and 100.7 MHz. The applicant (Cloutier) was later successful in taking a license for operating an FM station at Selkirk in March 1981. The easy listening station would broadcast at 92.9 MHz making it with and ERP of 7,000 watts. Owing to some financial troubles in the start made by Cloutier (D.L.C), the channel was sold out to QX FM Inc. After the approval made by CRTC to acquire the station on June 30, 1983 the QX 104 was handed over QX FM Inc. with a yes by the same authority to increase the wattage from 7,000 to 35,000 watts. The frequency of CFQX suffered a change from 92.9 to 104.1 MHz in July 1987 followed by a change in the ERP from 35,000 to 100,000 watts. In the year 1987-88 Jim Millian and Johnny Murphy joined the CFQX-FM as General Manager and Morning man respectively. Craig Broadcast Systems Inc. had their hand on the QX-FM Inc. in November 1993 after the deed was approved by CRTC. Two Years later CFQX was acquired from Craig Broadcast System Inc. when the joint share-holders of WWC Western World Communications Corp. Forvest Broadcasting and Radio One Investments Inc. joined together to take the station. In October 1996 a bid was made by Forvest to acquire the CFQX Selkirk from WWC.

Listen QX 104.1 FM Selkirk, MB

Listen! Hear! Live!!! QX 104.1 FM (CFQX-FM) live from Manitoba, Canada. Wait as the stream l0ads.

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The frequency of the QX 104 was once again flipped, this time to 95.3 MHz leaving the older 104.1 MHz. The ownership was once again changed when Craig Broadcast Systems Inc. made it to acquire their format asset; the QX 104 was resurrected once again. Craig took the ownership and the corporation was renamed as Craig Music & Entertainment Inc. in 2000. The station was transferred to Standard Radio Inc. as a part of deal made by Craig Music & Entertainment Inc. to sell CFQX Selkirk and three other FM stations at Winnipeg and Brandon. The Astral Media Radio G.P in September 2007 went on to CRTC to successfully acquire the CKMM and CFQX from Standard Radio Ltd. The change in effective control of the QX 104 was approved by CRTC from Bell Media Inc. to Jim Pattison Broadcast Group Limited. Today’s Country is the slogan of the QX 104 while the sister stations include CHIQ-FM, FAB 94.3, BOB FM and TSN 1290. Audiences can listen to the 104 FM online with live high quality stream, music, contests (After Work Patio Tour, Cash Cow, Academy Lanes Birthday Club!, Sweet Seats!, Show Us Your Catch 2016), concert, events, recently played, blogs, Facebook and Twitter galleries, Community & Lifestyle, multimedia items (phots, videos, audios), music news, QX TV content and much more. Here is the website: QX 104 Selkirk

Programs and Announcers

Boyd Kozak Al McLean Leanee Cater (Boss Lady)
Matt Hazard Brody Jackson Mike Hayes
Weekday Mornings Brody & Jess Chris Fantini Jeff Molnar
Jeff Riley The Hit List with Fitz Jess Hoy
Boss Lady Buzz Pamela Roz


Address: 3rd Floor – 177 Lombard Ave.

Winnipeg, MB

R3B 0W5

Tel: 204 944 1031

Fax: 204 989 5291

Contest Line: 204 780 1041

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