Q103.1 FM CKQQ-FM British ColumbiaQ103.1 FM, also known as CKQQ-FM, is enlisted among the most listened FM channels of British Columbia that are broadcasting top tracks of hot adult contemporary. In 1928 the channel was originated as 10AY by Kelowna Amateur Radio Club in coordination with other founding members that are James William Bromley Browne, Bobby Johnston, George Dunn and Harry Blakeborough. The slogan of the channel is “Kelowna’s Hottest Hits” and is broadcasting on frequency 103.1 MHz (FM). The initial purpose of launching the channel was to start a new non-commercial radio and to on air the theater shows, church services and concert performances by the Ogopogo Concert Club. 1998 CRTC allowed Jim Pattison Group to get the license of Q103.1 that was known as CKOV at the time of purchase. On April 23, 2007, after getting permission from the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, the Jim Pattison Group, owner of the channel, changed its frequency to 103.1. The station is a community radio, and it focuses on people, places, conditions and things that effect Kelowna. CKLZ-FM is its sibling.

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Listeners from Kelowna, British Columbia, can listen Q103.1 FM Kelowna on their radios by adjusting the FM dials to 103.1 MHz. The worldwide fans can Listen Q103.1 FM Kelowna online streaming from the CKQQ 103.1Kelowna. The website also provides you an option to check out Q contests results, Q103.1 contest rules, recently played, what’s on air, top news stories, Q tube, Q vine, event guides, Q103.1 playlist and others. Visitors can also join the Q contests and can listen live contests. Join or log in to the Q Club to explore more. Fans can follow the Q103.1 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can listen CKQQ on YouTube and Soundcloud. Mac and IOS users can download the app from Itunes.


Adress: 3805 Lakeshore Road Kelowna, BC

Phone Number: 250.868.1031

Email: theq@q103.ca


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