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 Like a giant parasol, 20 km thick, the ozone layer is crucial to sustaining life on Earth and its operation. Without it, life on Earth would have been not possible. So this is how they see the Radio Ozone Inter 93.7 FM Stereo. It is not life, but it wants to be in any sense a protector and a promoter of life through everything it broadcasts. “La Radio D’la Vie” is the slogan of the Radio Inter. Ozone-inter is an evangelical radio but its programming circles around life.

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Dr. Frinel Joseph is the PDG (CEO) of the station. The mission of the Radio Ozone-inter is to spread the gospel quality programming, social, environmental, political, philosophical etc throughout Haiti and across the world. The knowledge and information is as indispensable to man’s life as bread and butter. The station welcomes commercials not including cigarettes, alcohol and condoms. Ozone-Inter has no intention to conquer other evangelical radios and will work preferably with them to better promote the evangelical harmony and provide the missing ingredient of the recipe in the field of broadcasting.

As declared by CEO of Ozone-Inter: As Radio evangelical trend we will disseminate evangelical music, however, it can diffuse or change its musical trend considering the issue realized or topic of the debate; provided that it does not reflect the eroticism, violence is not an apology to infamy and will not give glory to another god rather than our GOD. Management of Ozone Inter is open to criticism, advice and suggestions. We want to be at your disposal and always stay at your disposal. Fans can listen to the station online through official web-stream and follow Ozone on Twitter and Facebook. Mobile users can also use AudioNow@605 475 1638 in US.  Here is the website: OzoneInter 93.7 FM.




Address: 40, Delmas 33


Tel: 509 3168 6844

509 3168 6848


Email: ozoneinter93@gmail.com

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