CHOZ-FM Newfoundland and Labrador - OZ FM 94.7 FM OZFM 94.7 St. John’s, NL is a Hot AC station launched on June 15, 1977 in St. John’s. CHOZ was born after the division of Newfoundland Broadcasting Co. Ltd in 1977; the split resulted in two factions or companies one under the ownership of Donald C. Jamieson and the other owned by Geoffrey W. Stirling. CJON-TV and the company’s name “Newfoundland Broadcasting Co. was acquired by Stirling. The launch of the first private stereo FM was followed by a network of nine transmitters across the state. CHOZ was allowed to reduce country music and increase rock by CRTC. By 1980 the CHOZ became the most powerful and extensive commercial network with a wattage of 275,000 watts, completely stereo serving at least 95% of the population and providing them with world news, interview, concerts, community events and informational stuff. The change was made in the original and initial frequency, flipping from 93.9 MHz to 94.7 MHz owing to the signal interference issues between the OZFM 94.7 and CJON-TV.

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Listen OZFM 94.7 FM (CHOZ-FM) St. John’s NL Online

Listen OZFM 94.7 (CHOZ-FM) #1 Across Newfoundland  live from Newfoundland and Labrador. Wait as the stream loads.


More About OZFM 94.7 (CHOZ)

OZFM started its webcast by streaming live on internet in 1996. In year 1999 the CHOZ had transmitters in Argentia, Bonavista, Clarenville, Marystown, Stephenville, Corner Brook, Rattling Brook and Red Rocks. The license of the OZ FM was renewed in September 2002 for approx. a seven year period until August 31, 2009; the affiliate CFZY-FM Stockholm in Saskatchewan was also renewed. Format of the OZFM 94.7 was changed from Adult-Contemporary and Classic Hits to Active Rock in 2009. Hot AC once again became the format changing the catch-phrase from that of Rock to Today’s Best Music in January 2012. CIOS-FM and CKSS-FM in Stephenville and Red Rocks were deleted by CHOZ-FM in the same year (2012). After the death of Geoff Stirling, the founder effective control of the Newfoundland Broadcasting Co. Ltd rests with Scott Stirling. The parent company now in business is Stirling Communications International which also owns CJON-DT, the TV sibling. Audiences can enjoy the OZFM 94.7 online with the best playlists, contests, concerts, events, live cams, school information, birthday greetings and more. Fans can follow the OZFM 94.7 on Facebook, Soundcloud, YouTube and Twitter. Here is the website: OZFM 94.7 (CHOZ)


Jigs and Reels Top 10 @ 10 All Request Weekend All Request Lunch
The Rush The Jo Zone The Daly Downlaod Robert Shawn Afternoons


Robert Shawn Deborah Birmingham Hugh Campbell
Stephen Lethbridge Stephanie O’Brien Danielle Butt


Address: Logy Bay Rd

St John’s NL

A1A 0A1

Tel: 576 6936

Email: requests@ozfm.com


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