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Onda Cero 98.0 FM Madrid is a part of Antenna 3, a subsidiary of Atresmedia , ranked third general format Radio station on the basis of number of listeners as per estimates of General Media Study 2015. Atresmedia Radio has 220 stations and is chaired by Ramon Osorio. The slogans of the Cero 98.0 FM are Te mereces esta radio and Onda Cero, tu radio The chain is a merger between the frequencies of Radio Amanecer, acquired by the Organización Nacional de Ciegos Españoles – ONCE in 1989, and the frequencies of Cadena Rato that were bought by the same company on April 2, 1990 . On November 26, 1990, at six o’clock in the street Diego de Velázquez, 54, of Madrid, and with the voice of Angela Bodega, emerged a broadcasting network advocating the values, plurality of views and ethics.

Onda Cero

Onda Cero 98.0 FM Madrid was owned by the ONCE until 1999, when Telefónica obtained the group and finally got associated with the Antena 3, in 2002. Onda Cero 98.0 FM Madrid pioneered the transmission issuing its signal through Internet and by means of podcasting. The output is also evident as Onda Cero Madrid propogates on televisión digital terrestre by the multiplexer variable Antena 3 in each province and by channel digital radio DAB by the múltiplex MF-II. Julián Cabrera Cruz is the current news director, replacing Carlos Alsina , who has spent the stations as an announcer and host of La Brújula.


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The Group has professionals like Carlos Alsina (more than one), Julia Otero (Julia en la Onda), David del Cura (La Brújula), Paco de León (Madrid en la Onda, Partiendo de Cero) Javier Ares and Javier Ruiz Taboada (Radioestadio), Isabel Gemio (Te doy mi palabra), Dr Bartolomé Beltrán (En Buenas Manos) and Elena Gijón presenting Midday News (Noticias Mediodía) – Not to forget the late Juan Antonio Cebrián, who died on October 20, 2007 led the program La rosa de los vientos until the day of his death, now presented by Bruno Cardeñosa. The music siblings of the Cero 98.0 Madrid include Europa FM and Melodia FM. Not to miss that, Onda Cero has nothing to do with Antena 3 Radio, a station that was acquired 100% by Prisa Radio.

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There is a lot you can find on the official website of the radio. Get the online emissions, podcasts, and all the other stations of Onda Cero 98.0 Madrid including Catalunya, Galicia, Basque Country, Aragón, Asturias, Castelló, Majorca, Murcia, The Rioja, Pamplona, Cantabria, Seville and Malaga. You can also connect the Cero on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Users can also downlaod the IOS and Android apps of Onda Cero to listen the radio on their devices anywhere in the world.


Owner Atresmedia Radio
Launch November 26, 1990
Broadcast area Spain and Worldwide via online
Slogans Onda Cero, tu radio Te mereces esta radio
Frequency Various depending on regions
Format AM, FM, DAB, TDT and Online
Sister channels Europa FM Melodía FM
Website ondacero.com


Onda agraria

Gente viajera

Como el perro y el gato
Al primer toque La Rosa de los Vientos Julia en la Onda
Punto de encuentro La Cultureta Radioestadio del motor
Más de uno No son horas La Parroquia
Noticias mediodía Te doy mi palabra Radioestadio
En buenas manos La Brújula Noticias Fin de Semana


Address: C/Alfredo Rubio 2, Bajo 30440 Moratalla, Murcia Telefono: 968 95 50 50


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