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Ocean 100.3 FM Prince Edward Island - CHTN-FM PEIOcean 100 FM Charlottetown, PE legally known as CHTN-FM and established on December 25, 1974 is a Classic Hits format station serving the audiences of Prince Edward Island. Ocean 100.3 broadcasts hits from 90’s, 80’s, 70’s and beyond for the oldies fans and classic music lovers. Newcap Radio is currently the owner of FM airing at a frequency of 100.3 MHz and using an average Effective radiated power of 33 KWs. The history of the station goes back to 1974 when Northumberland Broadcasting Co. Ltd. got the approval to set up an AM station at Charlottetown using a frequency and ERP of 10,000 watts. Initially owing to some lack of resources and complications in transmitter site, the channel went on air using a wattage of only 1000 w just to start the Christmas transmission and celebrations on the Island. However in 1975 the Ocean 100.3 was fully active with the originally authorized power of 10,000 watts.

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More About Ocean 100.3

In the next couple of years in 1977, 79, 81 and 82 the share transfer were approved by CRTC and applied. The frequency flip was made by Ocean 100.3, switching form 1,190 kHz to 720 kHz in June 1987 after the approval of CRTC while CRTC was decreased to 7,500 watts at night. Frequency change proved quite viable and the Ocean 100.3 can be had across Prince Edward Island, a part of NS (Nova Scotia) and quite into NB (New Brunswick). In March 2006 CRTC allowed NewCap open a new English language FM in Charlottetown which would replace the CHTN-AM broadcasting classic hits and oldies to the audiences at 100.3 MHz. Moreover, CHTN-FM would be bound to air public service announcements, traffic updates, weather reports, tourist guides and more as did by the former CHTN AM station. The band switch was made on July 5, 2006 with a format shift to Oldies. The news studios and offices were now moved to 90 University Avenue. The transmitters CHTN-FM-1 at Elmira on frequency of 99.9 MHz and CHTN-FM-2 St. Edward at 89.9 MHz on January 19, 2009 using an effective radiated power of 990 and 1,600 watts respectively were permitted by CRTC. CRTC renewed the license of the Ocean 100 FM and all its repeaters in August 2012 until August 31, 2013. Fans can get the webcast live through the official site with news, weather updates, local information, entertainment fees, Playlists, photos, contests (On The Air & In The Air, Tune-Up Tuesdays with Down East Auto Parts, Water Cooler Question, Win with KFC), community events and things like Volunteer of the Week, Ocean 100 Reminding you to Shop Local, We Love PEI Fall Flavours at Ocean 100, Send us a celebration announcement, PEI Pipeline with Kerri-Winne, PEI Marathon, Run for the Cure and more. You may also the follow the Ocean 100 FM on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud. Here is the website: Ocean 100.3 FM (CHTN)

Hosts and Programs

Gerard Murphy Scott Chapman
Star Tracks Ocean 100’s People Prank
Kirk Mackinnon Angela McNally
Saturday Retro Afternoon The Music We Play!
Corey Tremere Keri Wynne Mac


Address: 176 Great George Street

Charlottetown, PEI

C1A 4K9

Tel: 902 569 1003

Fax: 902 569 8693

Email: ctremere@newcap.ca


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