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Palma de Mallorca FM

Mallorca 95.8 Palma de Mallorca is the most successful among German-speaking radio stations in Spain in Majorca. Inselradio owns the FM. The FM 95.8 is hot favourite of the 86.67% Germans in Mallorca Islands. About 84 percent heard of the population listen to FM 95.8 daily. 1/4th of the listeners enjoy it for at least 6 hours a day. These are just some of the results of a survey conducted by the Inselradio among Germans in Majorca.

For the Germans on the Mallorca island Radio is an indispensable medium. No other medium on the island informs them that quickly the news in the German language about Mallorca, Spain, Germany and the world. Program Director Daniel Vulic and a team of dedicated editors, presenters and reporters with best skills in different departments provide the best news, music, infotainment and entertainment round the clock. The Insel (Island) radio is a big source of information and entertainment for the 4 million German tourists, residents, and Spaniards listening to the Mallorca FM 95.8 on 95.8 MHz, 96.9 MHz, TDT and DVB-T.


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Listen 95.8 FM live from Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Wait as the stream loads.

More About FM 95.8

  On , the audiences form all the parts of Europe, Asia Africa, America and rest of the world have the opportunity to hear the best music of all times from one of the best tourist destination of the Spain. Astra-Digital brings the FM in German Households. The Mediathek (Library) can be used online to access Photos, Videos and Podcasts. Visitors can download Android, iPhone and iPad apps from the website of FM. Weather News, weather Warnings, events, Jobbörse (Job Market), Contests and everything you want to know about FM 95.8 , its geography, customs, festivals, beaches, Restaurant tips, holiday tips, celebrations etc is availble for you on the official website: FM95.8 You can also find FM 95.8 on Facebook. Click Spanish to find more.


Die TUI-Chartbreaker Inselradio “La Noche – Die Nacht” House Pacific Jazzland Inselradio Jobbörse
Der Inselradio Super-Freitag Mayers and Friends Mallorca 95.8 lädt ein – Der Sonntagstalk “Moving Up” Die Inselradio “6 aus 49”
Tristan Smooth Moods Jamming Oldies Mallorcajournal Sugartime Abstrait
Cool Vibes Leidenschaft Klassik Club Latino Exklusiv beim Inselradio – Soundcolors by Blank&Jones The Effect® Energy House-Show
Goal! – Die Fussballshow im Inselradio (an Spielfreien Tagen “Guten Tag Mallorca”) Viva Mallorca Welcome To The Weekend – mit DJ T-Mark Guten Tag Mallorca


Timothea Imionidou Otto Flaschka Christina Mayer Ramon Alejos
Katrin Wagenaar Jürgen Mayer Florian Sliwinski Stefanie Hammer
Daniel Vulic Christina Trapp Till Meyer Mirja Helms
Manuel Carlsson Jörg Jung Kai Kosinski Ariel Eder


Address: Das Inselradio S.L.

Paseo Maritimo 26

E-07014 Palma de Mallorca

Telephone: +34 971 728 738

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