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M80 Radio 89.0 FM Madrid is a Spanish musical radio owned by PRISA Radio , dedicated to musical hits of the 70’s , 80’s , 90’s and 00’s both national and international. The channel has emisoras (stations) in España and Portugal. The central station studios are located in the center of Madrid. La música que eres is the slogan of the M80 Radio 89.0 FM. The station is available on FM, Satellite FTA, DAB and Internet platforms. The siblings of the Madrid based FM include Cadena SER, Los 40 Principales, Cadena Dial, Radiolé, Máxima FM, Ke Buena and Ona FM.

Radio 80 began broadcasting on July 6, 1981 followed by 19 stations which spread throughout the Spanish territory with the passage of time. Its majority shareholder was EDICA (Editorial Católica) and Luis Ángel who happened to be the first director of the station.In 1984 it was acquired by Antena 3 Radio, and the M80 adopted its name Radio 80 Serie Oro followed by structuring of 16 stations across Spain. The FM M80 89.0 now was also converted in to a Musical FM specialized in oldies.


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  In January 1993, following the entry of the PRISA Group in Antena 3, Radio 80 Serie Oro is merged with Radio Minuto , giving rise the golden series – José Ramón Pardo was the first director of the Radio. In contrast to the pattern followed in the years 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004, M80 now broadcasts in Spanish and English numbers of the seventies and eighties, mixed with latest charts of the time, however, the programming is primarily based on classic themes of both languages. Programas, Noticias, Efemérides, Artistas, Videos, Especiales and much more can be visited on the official website: M80Rad.com You can find M80 Radio 89.0 FM Madrid on Facebook, Google+, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter. Enjoy M80 89.0 FM live from Madrid !


Selección M80 M80 Radio Hits La noche es para mí Classic Box
80 y La Madre M80 Chill-Out Disco Ball Ya Veremos


Juan Luis Cano (Ya Veremos) Juan Pablo Jiménez José Antonio Ponseti (80 y la Madre) Ana Canora Miguel Coll (La noche es para mí)
Alejandro Alcalde Ángel Muñoz Javier Penedo (Classic Box) Conxa Tauste Mónica Ordóñez

      Here is the list of stations:


Madrid Almería Tenerife Las Palmas Navarra
Barcelona Extremadura Salamanca A Coruña Sevilla
Rioja Palma de Mallorca Albacete Murcia Bilbao
Toledo La Mancha Burgos Valencia Huesca
Cataluña Castellón Aragón Alcañiz (Bajo Aragón) Galicia
Castilla La Mancha Asturias Lleida Zaragoza Andalucia
Cáceres Menorca Valladolid Pontevedra Santande
Reus Andalucia Este Cádiz Llodio Don Benito
Málaga Tarragona Vigo Cantabria Granada


Address: Gran Vía, 32 7ª Planta 28013, Madrid

Teléfono: 91 347 77 00

Fax: 91 522 86 93


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