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Love A Child 103.5 FM Fond Parisien is a station belonging a non-commercial and non-Profit Humanitarian organization, Love A Child (LACFM) which works for the rights of children in Haiti. Love is Something You DO is the slogan of the channel. The Fond Parisien based station is getting expanded to help thousands of children across Haiti. The 103.5 FM broadcasts Christian music, Bible Stories, Gospel Music, Readings and sermons is Creole. Christian Television Network (CTN) has played a major role in the structuring of Love A Child . Media arm of the charity group also has a Television sibling broadcasting content for the noble cause. The Christian aid NGO was founded in 1971 by Bobby & Sherry Burnette who are running their Orphanage under organization in the country.

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The welfare programs of the charity NGO include fourteen schools, feeding centers for children with more than 7,000 kids, and food distribution for the Haitian families in desperate need. Remote medical clinics, providing disaster relief, developing industry and establishment of churches in villages are also among the tasks overseen by the charity. The Food support program is ultimately going to change the socio-economic outlook of the masses and will break the cycle of poverty as they call it Food for Life. With the field missionaries and committed volunteers Love A Child is successfully running the Sponsor a child program and building trust to get donations from the donors across Haiti, Caribbean and across the world. You can listen to the Love A Child 103.5 FM online and connect with the social activities on Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo and Youtube.

Here is the website: Love A Child 103.5 FM Fond Parisien




Address: PO Box 60063

Fort Myers, Florida 33906-6063

Tel: (239) 210-6107


Fax: 239-225-6380

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