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Kiss FM 102.7 Madrid

KISS FM 102.7 Madrid  is the only Spanish musical network that offers the widest variety of songs accompanied by the timeliest information. Vive la música (Live the music) is the slogan of the station. Kiss FM Madrid is a Spanish music radio belonging to the grupo Radio Blanca, which also owns Hit FM, Hit TV and 9Kiss TV. The radiofórmula format of the Kiss FM 102.7 broadcasts adult contemporary music with some contemporary hit radio. It began broadcasting on April 13 of 2002, coinciding with the International Kiss Day.


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More About Kiss FM Madrid

Since then, its success has been spectacular and has marked a milestone in the history of broadcasting in Spain, being the fastest growing audience in the history of Spanish music radio. In just two years after the launch, the FM managed to reach 1,474 000 listeners. The initial program was created from a rigorous selection of oldies pop music of the past three decades, with particular emphasis on ballads and melodic songs. Emblematic melodies of the Beatles, Elton John, Bryan Adams and Celine Dion were lived every day. Ana Belén, Mecano , Alejandro Sanz unforgettable voices were also the constant part of the Kiss until its shift towards more of modern era music in 2010. According to the latest survey of the EGM, published in December of 2015, Kiss 102.7 FM has 945,000 listeners. Las Mañanas hosted by Marta Ferrer is the popular most program of the Kiss 102.7 FM. Apart from, FM, DAB and TDT formats, the Madrid based station can be listened online on the official website: kissfm. You can find kiss on all the social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. Participate in the Concursos and live the Ocio. Enjoy La mejor Música de todos los tiempos!!


Isabel Arquer Alba Nóvoa Pili Navarro Julián Garvín Ismael Arranz
Víctor Álvarez Alba García Irene Junquera Rocío Moreno Mayte Ayra
Ismael Arranz Pío Martínez María Lama Irune Gómez Álex Ballesteros
Frank Blanco Albert Gómez Adrián Carrillo Alejandra Martínez Jorge Martín
Joni García Enrique Marrón Estefanía Vega Pedro García de Val

Ángeles Cortina Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Xavi Rodríguez Eduardo Calle


Address: C/ Bueso Pineda 7 Madrid, Spain – ES-28043

Telefono: +34 91 4440 490


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