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CKXD-FM - K-Rock 98.7 Newfoundland and LabradorK-Rock 98.7 Gander (CKXD-FM), NL is a classic rock format station currently owned by Newcap Radio. The history of the 98.7 FM dates back to July 27, 1973 when Newfoundland Broadcasting Co. had an approval to establish an AM channel at Gander. CJCR was on air in somewhere 1973-74 at 1350 kHz AM using and ERP of 1,000 watts. The Don Jamieson of Newfoundland and Broadcasting sold its shares in NBC to Geoff Stirling. With that the station was now detached from CJON-TV and the call-letters were switched from CJCR to CFYQ. The studios were established in Gander in October 1979. CFYQ’s power increase and frequency flip was denied by CRTC in January 1980; however, the increase in wattage was approved with frequency swap in 1981 which were now 5,000 watts and 1010 kHz respectively.


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In 1984 CFYQ was shifted directly under the ownership of CHUM Ltd after the merger of radio and television companies. The CJYQ 930 Ltd station were sold out by CHUM to NewCap Broadcasting Ltd. on July 19, 1989. Call-signs were changed from CFYQ to CKXD on February 12, 1990. The studios were shifted from Gander to CKXG Grand Falls in May 1992 and ERP was increased to 6,000 with the new frequency: 98.7 MHz and FM band in September 1999. The last thing done after tuning the radio to FM was the renewal of CKXD-FM license in August 2012 until August 31, 2013. Audiences can enjoy the CKXD-FM online with best rock hits of the time and past, contests, photos, videos, events, music playlists and more. Here is the website: K-Rock 98.7 (CKXD)


Big Hairy Tunes Fab Fridays Thursdays in the Pink
K-Rock Shed Saturday in Big Tom’s Shed


Sonny Ennis Dean Clarke Candice Udle Jlac
Tanya Brown Robert Tuck Mike Campbell


Address: P.O Box 650

Gander, NL

A1V 1X2

Telephone: 1 (709) 651 4987

Email: OnAir@987krock.com

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