Ici Musique 89.9 FM Winnipeg

CKSB IcI Musique 89.9 FMICi Musique 89.9 FM Winnipeg is a French language station launched in 1974 by CBC. The French equivalent of CBC Radio 2 was rebranded as chaîne culturelle (The cultural network) in 1997 and then changed to Espace musique in 2004 because of the restructuring of the French services owned by CBC. La destination musicale de Radio-Canada is the catch-phrase of the French music broadcaster. The Ici Musique has a populist approach of sponsoring musical genres including Classical, Folk, Rock, Alternatif, Hip-hop, Monde, Chanson/Pop Jazz, World and more. Initially launched as Le FM de Radio-Canada in 1974, the radio had stations in Quebec City, Montreal, Chicoutimi and Ottawa. You can listen to the CKSB ICI music online, read blogs and find Musiques diffusées, Horaires et fréquences and Émissions en rattrapage and more. Fans may connect with station using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Insta. Here is the website: CKSB ICi Musique 89.9 FM Winnipeg

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Listen ICi Musique 89.9 FM Winnipeg, MB Online 

Écouter radio en ligne. Listen ICI Musique 89.9 FM Winnipeg live from Manitiboa. Wait as the stream loads.

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