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CBUX-FM-1 88.9 Ici Musique British ColumbiaIci Musique, a notable radio station of Canada, has two broadcasters, CBUX-FM working in Vancouver and that of CBUX-FM-1 rebroadcasting the programming in Victoria. The frequency of the former one is 90.9 while the later one can be received at 88.9 MHz FM frequency. On May 7, 2002, CRTC approved the application by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, owner of the Ici Musique, to operate a new French radio channel at 90.9 MHz with a radiated power of 287 watts. Later on in the next year, on October 7, 2003, CBUX-FM-1 was started in the Victoria, British Columbia. The siblings of the Musique include CBUFT, CBU, CBUF, CBUT and CBU (AM). Just like the 90.9 CBUX, 88.9 Ici Musique Victoria on airs the top hits from Jazz and classical music.

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Jazz and classical music lover in Victoria can tune their radio to 88.9 MHz and can enjoy the best album of the genres. The worldwide fans can listen live 88.9 Ici Musique Victoria online streaming from the official site of the channel. The site also provides you an option to enjoy songs from other genres including Chanson, Pop, Monde, Country, Folk, Rock, Alternatif and Hip-hop. Visitors can also see the programming schedule and the playlist from the site. Contact the channel via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Soundcloud and Flickr. One can also listen 88.9 CBUX-FM-1 on their iPhone or Android devices.

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