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Fiesta FM 107.2 Madrid is the ultimate fashion station and consolidates its audience within a target as the first Latino station most often heard in Palma de Mallorca. Effectiveness in the air to convey empathy and warmth, has made possible the growth and development of capturing greater acceptance and a high media impact internationally which can reach through the entire world with the expertise, commitment and professionalism.

The mission of the Fiesta FM 107.2 Madrid is to maintain a high good musical taste through an original format, in which converge the tropical and Caribbean rhythms among others; always involved with the highlights and productions nationally and internationally, where the team reaffirms the strength of its position and proves the success of the brand with ensuring the profitability of its partners and satisfaction of listeners. The team has put some tremendous effort to expand the success of brand and become a Radial Corporation of an international character.


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More About FM 107.2 Madrid

The programs offered by the Fiesta FM include entertainment, music, sports, technology and cultural content. Cheer the music rotated to a multi-targeted audience. You can listen to the Fiesta FM 107.2 Madrid online and can connect with the Team Fiesta via text messaging, mobile calls, social networks and the special campaigns and surveys organized by the Fiesta FM. From the official site of the station you can find the emisoras (stations) of your own. FM is available on all the popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Enjoy the live music transmissions and podcasts from Fiesta 107.2 FM Madrid. Here is the official website: Fiestafm Fore more click Spanish

Disc Jockeys

Juan Carlos Montoya – Director General Jhon Erazo Vanessa Aristizabal Hector Rubén Milton Lopez
Octavio Galeano JJ Jimenez Oscar Alfredo Douglas Moncada Fernando Asin


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Main Headquarters: Calle, Juan Español, 47, Madrid

Telefono: 915001257


Official website:


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