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Europa FM Gipuzkoa 100.5, launched on April 15, 1996 is a music radio station of Spain belonging to Atresmedia. Their slogan is “the best pop rock of the nineties” and until today the radio is a source to the most innovative programs. Its combination of musical radio formula with the programs like Levántate y Cárdenas, Euroclub, Insomnia La noche es nuestra, ¿Me pones?, Europa baila and Sesión chillout have become the third most listened to music station in Spain.

Using web player of the Gipuzkoa 100.5  users can connect to the different free-to-air signals of Europa FM from anywhere in the world with a simple internet connection (pda, pocket pc, radio wi-fi, laptop etc). Europa FM works, during most of their waking hours with a radio formula based on the greatest hits of national and international artists of the nineties until today. The channel launched a new plan in September 2005, under the direction of Patrick Sanchez. According to the General Media Study (EGM) in 2014, Europa FM Gipuzkoa is ranked as third Spanish stereo with a bulk listenership of 1.94 million. You can find out a lot more on the official website:

Europa FM Gipuzkoa

Europa FM Gipuzkoa 100.5 en vivo

Listen Europa FM Gipuzkoa en directo. Wait as the stream loads.

More About Europa FM 100.5

Europa FM Gipuzkoa -100.5 is also present in social networks, with over 760,000 followers on Facebook, and about 218,000 in Twitter which makes it one of the leading players in the area. According to OJD (Justification Office of Diffusion) the web-page of the channel is one of the most listened and browsed theme online – EGM estimated unique visitors are more than 1.2 million. Here are some facilities related to the prorogation and interception of high quality emissions of Europa FM Gipuzkoa.

Android applications and IOS

If you have an iPhone, you can also download the application free form AppStore Gipuzkoa, with which you can listen to any of 3 signals.


You can listen to the broadcast of Europa FM Gipuzkoa, with all of its programming and local information through the Digital TV Euskaltel. Tune dial 167 in Gipuzkoa, Araba and Bizkaia, and hear with digital quality without distortion. The packages vary from free to purchase.


Now you can listen to FM Gipuzkoa wherever you are. Because DTT has coverage throughout the state, it remains an exceptional quality of reception and assures you hours of music with more variety and less repetition. Remember, FM Gipuzkoa reception via DVB-T, corresponds to the neutral signal, and not the sign of Gipuzkoa.


Ponte a Prueba Sesión Chill-Out Fórmula Europa FM Levántate y Cárdenas
Europa Levántate y Cárdenas finde ¿MePones? Euroclub
LyC (Mejores momentos) Brian Cross Radio Show Europa Baila Insomnia


Address: Polígono Industrial Mugitegi, Vial B-6, 1, 20700 Urretxu, Gipuzkoa, Spain

Phone:+34 943 72 62 60


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