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Envol 91.1 FM Manitoba - CKXL-FMEnvol 91 FM aka CKXL is a French language community station operating in Winnipeg, MB. The radio broadcasts variety of French and local music from Franco-Manitoban Cultural Centre in St. Boniface. Envol 91 was launched on June 24, 1989 at 101.5 MHz after CRTC granted a temporary approval for the Winnipeggers. Initially the radio would work with a low power transmitter active within the 8 mile radius. On October 21, 1991 the frequency was flipped to 91.1 MHz with the same i.e. FM band and permanent license. The broadcast ERP used by the CKXL now is 61,000 watts hosted at Starbuck Communications Tower. You can listen to the Envol 91 online, read Blogues, access podcasts and get social using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Here is the website: CKXL Envol 91

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Listen Envol 91 (CKXL-FM) St. Boniface, MB Online

Ecoute en direct Envol. Listen (CKXL-FM) Envol 91.1 FM live from Manitoba. Wait as the player loads the stream.

More about Envol 91.1

Community Radio Manitoba Inc. is the result of combined efforts of people from all backgrounds who wanted to see the birth of a French-language radio offering music and entertainment. Through the dedication of hundreds of people and several local organizations, Envol truly becomes FM community radio. Envol 91 FM began broadcasting on October 21, 1991. Envol 91 is the first Western francophone community radio and territories. As a francophone community radio owned by the community, Envol 91 FM offers:

  • A style of music “rock-détente” every day of the week, followed in the evening by specialty folklore, blues, classical, jazz and other genres;
  • Access to urban and rural Francophone communities in Manitoba;
  • The dedication of more than 50 volunteer facilitators;
  • Competitive advertising rates.

  Envol is more than a radio. It is the voice of the Francophone community in Manitoba. Envol 91 provides access to a diverse and educational programming that meets the needs of the community. It reflects its cultural diversity and allows it to transmit. Some highlights: Frequency: 91.1 FM Call Letters: CKXL Transmitter power: 61,000 watts Dispersion angle: 120 km around the city of Winnipeg

  • First francophone community radio in Western Canada
  • Broadcast in over 90% of Manitoba’s Francophone communities
  • Beyond 350 individual and corporate members

The content hosted by the Envol 91.1 includes Educational programs on topics such as cultural activities, business, employment and women’s issues. A great choice of music ranging from traditional French music to rock to folk and hip-hop is the balance when it comes to music lovers.


De la musique pour tout le monde jimchab le matin Samedi de lire l’émission du matin AllFeeL Mix
Le rural vous parle Palmarès d’Envol 91,1 FM Les Boss DJ Tropical Rendez-vous du Surnaturel
Punch aux fruits Direction maison Révolution Pause Café Mi-chemin country
FemAction Tous les dimanches du monde Crier sur les toits Franol Samedi Pop
Regard sur l’accueil 100 ans plus tard La Chasse Le zeste des artistes Espacio Latino
Culture et rapprochement Le 100 nons présente La ligue des radios scolaires Le son de la trompette La vie à 3 temps
La talle de bleuets Coco Jazz Un jour à la fois Hard rock psychadélique 100% Manitoba
Génie en herbe Prends le temps Décompte Franco Info 30 Des cordes à son arc
Décompte Top 20 C’était beau, c’était intéressant, j’ai vraiment aimé ça Disco night La gueule de bois Cinémusique


Amélie Boivin Hadfield Diane Doney Steven Haskell Claire Desrosiers
Jean-Sébastien Côté-Paré Richard Mputu Daniel Bahuaud Martin Mulimbwa & cie
Tony Sorto Accueil francophone Nicole Landry Charles Leblanc
Rachelle Landry Cathérine Lemoine-Courcelles Vivianne Roy Mazerolle Marc Giguère
Réseau action femmes Chris Cayer Marissa Bérard Denis Lépine
Eric Limpalaër Patrick Biaya Denise Lécuyer

Marouane Mounir Henri Dupuis jimchab

Laurent Poliquin Annie Guzman Pluri-elles inc.


Address: 340, boulevard Provencher

Saint-Boniface, Manitoba

R2H 0G7

Tel: (204) 233 4243

(204) 231 3691

1 866 894 3691

Fax: (204) 233 3646

Email: info@envol91.mb.ca


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