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Energy 106.1 FM - CHWE-FM ManitobaEnergy 106 (CHWE-FM) owned by Evanov Communications is a CHR/Pop and Top 40 based station in Winnipeg, MB. The channel was launched on July 29, 2011 following a partial approval made by CRTC on August 21, 2008. After some amendment in the proposal made by the applicant i.e. changing the frequency 104.7 MHz the station was fully approved by CRTC on May 8 2009. The new station owned by Evanov operating at 106.1 MHz would offer an AC and easy listening stream consisting of 35% and 65% respectively with minimum of Blues and no Jazz at all targeting the audiences aged 45 and above. The local programing would be taking a space of as much as 100 hours /week. The license was issued until August 31, 2015. On November 26, CFJL became CHWE-FM.

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Listen Energy 106 (CHWE-FM) live from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Wait as the player loads the stream.


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The sibling Breeze would incorporate the removed CFJL call letters. Mike Fabian who joined the office in 2013 is the current General Manager managing all three stations i.e. Energy 106, CKJS and The Breeze 107. Audiences can listen to the station online with schedule, contest information ( 106 Days of Summer), personalities & shows, live music, +Energy News, Hit 20 Countdown, events (Downtown Drive-Inn, The Incredibles, Booty Shake Mondays at the Palomino Club, Movies on Memorial: Forest Gump, Electric Sunset, Winnipeg Goldeyes Baseball Bingo Night) , Hollywood Headlines, concerts, playlists/Recently Played and more. You may also follow the station on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Here is the website: CHWE 106.1 FM


Steve Adams The Energy Hit 20 with Scott Fox Energy Mornings with Jeff & Sarah
Non-Stop Energy Music The Daly Download with Carson Daly Adam West


Scott Fox Steve Adams Carson Daly
Jeff Adam West Sarah


Address: 520 Corydon Ave.

Winnipeg, Manitoba

R3L 0P1

Tel: (204) 477-1221

Contest Line: 204-452-1061



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