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CKUA Radio Network CKUA FM 94.9 Edmonton launched in 1927 is radio network originally based in University of Alberta. CKUA Radio Network was established after a provincial grant was given to the University of Alberta’s Extension Department for purchasing the license of CFCK. CKUA was an affiliate of the CNR Radio network from 1930 to 1931 and was in control of Alberta Government Telephones from 1945 until 1945 when a crown corporation, Alberta Educational Communications Corporation (now “Access”) took the ownership. After operating it 20 years the CKUA was sold to non-profit CKUA Radio Foundation. CKUA was closed due to financial crisis, favoring privatization, poor management and a couple of others issues in March 1997. Finally the control was given to the public from directors in April to save the network from further demise. Now more than two-thirds of the stations funds are gathered by the fundraisers helped by listeners and fans.

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More About CKUA Radio Network

The first public broadcaster in Canada broadcasts music programs including Classical, Electric, Pop, Jazz, R&B, Country, Celtic, Reggae, Rock, Hip hop, dance, and other classic and contemporary genres. CKUA-FM is also the first in Canada to propagate educational programming including tele-courses featuring history and music, poetry readings, university lectures and others. The FM is equally popular in local culture and is praised by man musicians across Canada for its noble initiatives to support local and underground artists. You can listen to the radio online via official web radio on the site of the CKUA, find playlists, recommended stuff, frequencies map, ways to give donations, events, picks of the month, where to listen, CKUA Music Chart, access podcasts, interact with community and explore much more. Fans can follow their favorite station on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud and Youtube, Here is the website: Radio CKUA-FM 94.9 Edmonton


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Address: 9804 Jasper Avenue NW

Edmonton, Alberta T5J 0C5

Tel: 780 428 7595

Fax: 780 428 7624



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