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La Première Chaîne | CKSB-10-FMCKSB-10 Première Manitoba 88.1 FM (La Première Chaîne) is a Winnipeg based affiliate of CBC’s Ici Radio-Canada Première. In 1941 a group of seven pondered to initiate a French language commercial station in Western Canada. After a wait of almost five years the Western Canada’s first French radio was launched on May 24, 1946. A cooperative named Radio Saint-Boniface Ltee was the owner of the AM channel with offices and studios in 607 College Street. The new station would broadcast at 1250 kHz using ERP of 1000 watts. SB in call-sign represented the city of license i.e. St. Boniface. The slogan upon launch would be Western Canada’s First French Language Station which was changed to The Best Music in Town in 1948 with an air time increment four hours making total of 16 broadcast hours. The 16×7 channel would air from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm. By the year 1965 the ERP was 10,000 watts and frequency changed to 1050 kHz. On April 1, 1973 the CKSB was taken by Canadian Broadcasting Corp. (CBC) after CRTC granted the permissions. In 1975 the CKSB added two FM transmitters Flin Flon and The Pas. In 1984 the CBC owned media became a round the clock French broadcaster.

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More About Première Manitoba 88.1 FM (La Première Chaîne)

On September 1, 1997 the Radio-Canada network changed its name to Première Chaîne. By the Nov 1999 the EPR was increase from 21,500 to 21,700 watts. In March 2006 the CRC approved the application of the authorities to install AM rebroadcaster in Winnipeg at 90.5 MHz and ERP: 2,800 watts. In 2000 the rebroadcaster (CKSB-10-AM) became operational. On March 18, 2013 CRTC gave green signal to launch a Saint-Boniface Radio in Winnipeg with FM band replacing the AM and nested FM transmitter. CKSB-10 would now operate at 88.1 MHz with and ERP of 100,000 watts. The FM would expire on August 31, 2019. You may also listen and read news, articles and blogs as well as enjoying French talk, music and loads of content online. Follow the station on Facebook and Twitter. Here is the website: CKSB-10 Première Manitoba 88.1 FM


Address: 607, rue Langevin


R2H 2W2

Tel: 204 788-3698


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