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CKJS 810 AM launched on March 25, 1975 is a Winnipeg based multilingual radio station owned by Evanov Communications. Over 20 different ethnic clans are served by one of the few stations in Manitoba. The CKJS-AM traces its roots back to July 5, 1974 when C.G. Stanczykowski got an approval to operate a Multilanguage AM radio at 810 kHz operating an effective radiated power of 10,000 watts. The ethnic program share was incremented from 38% to 60% in 1986. Stanczykowski established another station (CFMB) in Montreal in 1962. After the death of C.G. Stanczykowski in 1981 in a tragic car crash the channel after operating under the same company for quarter of a century was sold to Newcap Radio Manitoba Inc. on August 13, 20007; subsequently the 810 Am was transferred to its new owners.

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After a one year administrative renewal made by CRTC in August 2011 the channel along with CHNK-FM was acquired by Dufferin Communications Inc., a division of Evanov Communications Inc. CRTC also approved the renewal to August 31, 2018 applied by the applicant. Mr. William Evanov is the CEO of the company (Evanov Communications). Mike Fabian joined the company and was designated as General Manager of the Winnipeg stations including CKJS, Energy 106 and The Breeze 107. CKJS hosts a variety of programing in a variety of foreign languages including, Hindi, Italian, Punjabi, Spanish, Bulgarian, Vietnamese, Russian, Ukrainian, Irish, Chinese, Jewish, German, Portuguese, Filipino and Polish. You can receive the channel online with news stories (Community/local and international), blog posts, events (Ice Age on Ice, Ziggy Marley), contests (Beat the Heat, Go Malling!), music and much more. Here is the website: CKJS 810 AM


Radio Dhamaal Radio Maryja Punjabi/Hindi Good Morning Philippines
Urdu Christian Programming Irish Programing Hungarian
Pinoy Saturday Night Holy Ghost Parish Mass Ukrainian World Beat
Bulgarian Vietnamese Polish Afternoon Pasada
Canadian Polka Network Chinese Nigh-Flight German


Bhupinder Toor Maurel Zamora Donna Natividad-Arenas
Chester Pangan Sheryll Dandan-Zamora Lucille Nolasco


Address: CKJS AM 810

520 Corydon Ave.

Winnipeg, Manitoba

R3L 0P1

Telephone: 204 780 8181

Contest Line: 204 452 1061



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