CICK-FM 93.9 British ColumbiaCICK-FM, a prominent Canadian Channel, can be listened by tuning to the FM dial to frequency 93.9 MHz in Smithers, British Columbia. The owner of the CICK is Smithers Community Radio Society, which was permitted by CRTC to launch its FM channel in June 2009. CICK is a community radio, and its broadcast reflects the interest of the natives of the region.  The radio is serving the people of the Smithers, BC by delivering top voluntarily produced programs on non-mainstream Canadian music, local artists and commentary that displays the diverse perspectives of the people.

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The audience can enjoy the commercial free coverage of fresh soundtracks by adjusting the frequency to 93.9 MHz on an FM dial. Listeners can also have access to the online CICK-FM Live Streaming on the official site as well. You can get involved with the radio by becoming a member, sponsor, volunteer or DJ. Visit the DJ blogs section of the web page to check out the profiles of the DJs. It also features a 100 years old lounge car in which the live performances are performed for the Lounge car Sessions. The performers for this session are selected on the first come, first serve, base. The web-page also has an Event page reaching which a visitor can find out the latest community events that are going to be held in coming two months. Visitors can also inspect the schedule and the news on the website.


In the Shadow of the Mountain

Slow Muse

The Local Yocal Hour


Democracy Now

Lightning Guitar Monsters


Address: PO Box 834 Smithers BC V0J 2N0

Telephone: 250-847-8769


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