CBHA-FM (CBC Radio One) Halifax

CBHA-FM CBC Radio 90.5 Halifax CanadaCBHA-FM, aka CBC Radio One Halifax, is a prominent Canadian FM station broadcasting in Halifax, Nova Scotia. CBHA broadcasts at 90.5 MHz and is one of the affiliates of CBC Radio One. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the owner of the CBC Radio One, initiate the channel as an AM on 1240 kHz in 1944. In 1977, CBC was authorized to add a temporary FM rebroadcaster in Halifax, NS at 90.5 MHz. In October 1989, due to the shortage of funds, the CBH-AM shut down, and CBHA-FM 90.5 Nova Scotia became the main channel of Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. CBH-FM and CBHT-DT are the sister channels of the CBC Radio One Halifax. CBHA 90.5 on airs the notable programming on News and Talk format.

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Halifax-Based citizens can enjoy the quality programming on News and Talk format by tuning the FM dial to the 90.5 MHz. Online visitors can listen live CBHA-FM (CBC Radio One) Halifax online streaming from the official site of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Nova Scotia. From the website, one can also listen to the other channels of CBC including Radio Two. You can also watch the TV from the site. If you want to get updates with the news of the Canada, then you can also read out the fresh local news. The visitors can also see the schedule of the programming of CBHA FM 90.5 and other. Information Morning, Main Street in the afternoon, Atlantic Airwaves, Maritime Noon, Maritime Connection, Weekend Mornings, Maritime Magazine, etc. are the notable programs of the CBC Radio One Halifax, NS.


Address: 6940 Mumford Road Suite 100 Halifax, NS B3L 0B7

Phone: 902 420 4100

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