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91.7 CBYF-FM CBC Radio One Vancouver Chilliwack, BCCBC Radio One Vancouver (CBYF-FM) is a rebroadcaster of CBU (AM) that is rebroadcasting the programming of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Radio One network, in Vancouver. CBU on airs at 690 AM, whereas its FM transmitter in Chilliwack can be received at 91.7 FM frequency. 91.7 CBYF-FM Chilliwack retransmits the newscasts and local shows of CBU in the city. The CBC Radio One was started in 1925, while the rebroadcaster in Chilliwack was added very late in 2001. The broadcasting corporation is serving the Canadians for decades by its quality shows on local news, sports news, business news, national news, entertainment, technology, culture, commentary and all that programs that are a need of Canadian people now and in the future. That’s why to provide their access to every citizen of Canada, the Corporation has set up their transmitters in many cities and providing online streaming.

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CBU (AM) is a public network and broadcasts public transmission, its transmitter, CBYF Chilliwack, BC also on airs the same format on the frequency 91.7 MHz. Fans from other regions & countries can also listen live CBC Radio One Vancouver (CBYF-FM) 91.7 Chilliwack, BC online streaming from the CBC RADIO ONE VANCOUVER. The visitors can also check out the schedule of the morning shows and the other programming from the CBC Radio website. The frequencies and other information about other transmitters can also be explored from the site. What’s Playing and recently played can also be seen. The fans can also follow the CBYF-FM 91.7 Chilliwack on Facebook and Twitter, and can subscribe to the newsletter.


Address: P.O. BOX 4600 Vancouver, BC V6B 4A2

Phone: 866 306 4636


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