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CBN-AM Newfoundland and Labrador - CBC Radio One St. John'sCBC Radio One 640 AM St. John’s (CBN) is a public news and Talk format broadcaster owned by Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and based in Newfoundland and Labrador. The station was setup in September 1934 as VONF after it got amalgamated with VOGY. However, the channel was first launched by Joseph Butler and Walter B. Williams on November 14, 1932 under the banner of Dominion Broadcasting Co. A structure developed by Montreal-based Canadian Marconi Co. was meant to be the new home for the VONF using and ERP of 10,000 watts and frequency: 640 kHz. In March 1939 the CBC took over the Dominion Broadcasting Co. to start operating the flagship CBC news and talk brand for Newfoundland and Labrador. In 1949 Newfoundland would take the status of being Canada’s 10th province; consequently the call-signs were changed and the Newfoundland’s AM station was now recognized as CBN, VORG Gander was CBG, VOWN Corner Brook was transformed to CBY. CBT joined the network in the April of the same year (1949).

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The channel in its long journey replaced transmitter, changed antenna locations, switched Ad slogans, shifted effective radiated power and sponsored other changes. The Dominion divisions and Trans-Canada networks were amalgamated to establish CBC Newfoundland and Labrador. The night service, settlement of rebroadcast transmitters and more was to come in the coming years. CBN 640 for some time in between (1982-1983) switched to the 106.9 MHz which was used by CBN-FM. The CBC Radio was rebranded as CBC Radio One in September 1997. The rebroadcast transmitters of the CBN include CBNL-FM Clarenville, CBNO, CBNS, CBNR, CBNQ and CBNM-FM. The CBN St. John’s arm joined the squadron size division on February 2, 2005 placed at 94.1 MHz and powered by 1,763 watts. Even more transmitters were approved in the upcoming years by CRTC. On February 22, 2013 the CBC at St. John’s received the renewal for all its transmitters until August 31, 2018. Audiences can listen and follow the news (local, national and international), sports, weather updates, community feeds, music, cultural programs, infotainment talks, find audios, videos, playlists, podcasts, read posts and do a lot more. You may connect with the CBC Radio One 640 AM St. John’s using Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. Here is the website: CBC Radio One 640 AM St. Johns (CBN)


Address: St. John’s

P.O. Box 12010, Station “A”

St. John’s, NL

A1B 3T8

Tel: 709 576 5225

709 576 5000

Fax: 709 576 5234


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