CBC Radio 2 Vancouver (CBU-FM-7)

CBC Radio 2 Vancouver CBU-FM-7 FM British Columbia CBU-FM-7 is a rebroadcaster of CBU-FM, which is one of the notable Canadian stations, broadcasting the programming of the CBC Radio 2 network in Vancouver, British Columbia. CBC Radio 2 is the branding of CBU and all its rebroadcasters.  The broadcaster CBU-FM-7 is available at 99.9 MHz frequency in Chilliwack. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is the owner of the FM station. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Radio 2 was launched in 1947, and its transmitter in Chilliwack, after getting permission from CRTC, was installed on September 7, 2014 at 99.9 MHz with a radiated power of 790 watts. The corporation is very famous among the citizens of Canada as it has been serving them for many decades with quality and diverse programming on music, local news, events, sports news, national and international news. 99.9 CBU-FM-7 Chilliwack, BC plays top and magical hits of Adult album alternative (AAA).

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The radios of Canadian Broadcasting Corporation are available in all most each part of the country, in Chilliwack the CBC Radio 2 can be received at 99.9 MHz frequency. If a fan wants, he can listen CBC Radio 2 (CBU-FM-7) Chilliwack, BC from the official site of the Corporation. The site also provides an ability to the visitor to check out the information about other channels like their programming schedule, DJ’s profiles and the frequencies. The visitor can also listen the Radio one, Two and Radio 3 from the online player. From the website, the fan can explore CBC and can navigate to different sections like kids, comedy, documentary, games, contests and much more other.


Address: Audience Relations, CBC P.O. Box 500 Station A Toronto, ON Canada, M5W 1E6

Phone: 866 306 4636


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