CBAF-FM 88.5 Ici Radio-Canada Première Moncton

CBAF-FM Ici Radio-Canada Première New BrunswickCBAF-FM is a French News/Talk Canadian radio station broadcasting in Moncton, New Brunswick. The branding of the channel is Ici Radio-Canada Première and 88.5 MHz frequency.  Initially, the radio station went on the air as an AM station at 1300 kHz on February 20, 1954. CBAF was the first French channel of the Moncton.  Owned by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, CBAF 88.5 MHz is the flagship of the Ici Radio-Canada Première. Première Nouveau Moncton was authorized to add an FM transmitter in 1980 at 88.5 MHz. Till 1988, the Première Nouveau controlled both transmitters, but then in 1998, the AM transmitter was terminated, and the FM transmitter was elected as the primary frequency.  CBAF-FM has its transmitter in many cities including Allardville, Campbellton, Edmundston, Kedgwick, Lamèque, Saint John and Saint-Quentin.

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Listen CBAF-FM 88.5 (Ici Radio-Canada Première) Moncton, NB Online

Hold on for a second as the online auto-steam of the Première Nouveau New Brunswick will be played in just moments.

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The citizens of the Moncton can catch the exciting Talk/News shows by adjusting the frequency of the FM dials to the 88.5 MHz. The online and public from other regions can listen live CBAF-FM 88.5 Moncton online streaming from the official site of Ici Radio-Canada Première. The schedule of all the programming is available on the website. The visitors explore now playing, what’s on air and the playlist of the Ici Radio-Canada Première New Brunswick. The fans can follow the channel on Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud.

Programming and DJs/Hosts (Animation) of CBAF-FM 88.5

Programming Hosts/DJs
Le Réveil Denis Duchesne
L’heure de pointe Acadie Martine Blanchard
Ça se passe ICI Cynthia Maillet
Format libre Michel Doucet
L’édition du midi Janique LeBlanc and Karine Godin
Ça se passe ICI Cynthia Maillet
L’heure juste
Méchante Journée
Tout un samedi Anne Godin


Address: 250, avenue Université Moncton (N.-B.) E1C 5K3

Phone: 506 853-6750

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