Cadena Dial

Cadena Dial

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Cadena Dial 91.7 FM is a Spanish Radio station owned by PRISA Group. The channel was founded in 1988 and broadcasts music and Spanish talk in Madrid, Barcelona, Catalonia, Valencia, Sevilla and other parts of Spain. The slogan of  Cadena 91.7 FM is Lo mejor de nuestra música. The second most listened radio station Cadena has an audience share of 2,177 million. In 1996 Cadena started broadcasting Dial Awards for the most appreciated and successful artists of the FM. The awards were granted in Madrid until 2006 but the venue has shifted to the Serene place of Santa Cruz de Tenerife in Canary Islands from 2007. The state-of-art venue Auditorio de Tenerife hosts the party. This consortium was the first chain of companies to create a space for communication, education, entertainment and culture in Spain. M80 Radio stations and other Cadnea SER siblings join with the Cadena Dial 91.7 FM to build a network. Los 40 Principales, Máxima FM, Ona FM and Radio Olé are the prominent sibllings. Cadena Dial began broadcasting in 1988 and in Madrid with emitting frequency of 91.7, which before its existence was associated with Radio Callao and Radio Corazón. You can see the whole lists of Artistas and browse Especiales, Noticias and much more on the official website: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube can also be used to connect with your favorite station. Click Spanish to find more of your interest.

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Fórmula sin pausa Jaime Moreno
Rafa Cano Fórmula Cadena Dial
Javi Ayuso Carmen Ramírez
Vicente Zamora Fórmula Dial
QFELV Marta Briz
Atrévete Dial tal cual
MJ Aledón



Address: Gran Vía 32 – 7th Floor

28013 Madrid

 Telefono: 91-347 77 40


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