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Cadena COPE 106.3 FM Madrid (Cadena de Ondas Populares Españolas) is the nationwide radio network in Spain. The right wing Spanish radio is under the ownership of a group of organizations within the Catholic Church of Spain. It is owned by the sociedad Radio Popular S.A jointly owned by shareholders Conferencia Episcopal Española (50%), the diócesis (20%) and religious orders as Jesuits and Dominicans.

Cadena COPE 106.3 FM

Cadena COPE 106.3 FM Madrid was part of the ONCE, group Vocento ( Punto Radio ) and Planeta ( Onda Cero ) prior to the creation of their new radio stations. In 2005, the groups Vocento and Planeta left their respective shares. COPE remained and active member of European Broadcasting Union in 1998.

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Created with the aim of providing religious services, from 1980 programming has evolved into the general model of conventional radio broadcasting programs like cómo El Espejo presented by José Luis Restán and La Linterna de la Iglesia with Faustino Catalina. On Sundays, Holly Mass occasions and eves of Christmas and Easter special programs and transmissions are produced by the Cadena FM Madrid. COPE an acronym for Cadena de Ondas Populares Españolas means People’s Radiowaves of Spain Network in English. The content delivered by the Cadena COPE FM consists of Religious porograms, Political programs, news and talk shows like the famous morning show Así son las mañanas presented by Ernesto Sáenz de Buruaga. La Linterna, La Atalaya,El Partido de las 12, Tiempo de Juego and La Palestra are the other popular programs of COPE. Juan Pablo, Colmenarejo, César LumbrerasJuan, Antonio Alcalá, Joseba Larrañaga, Paco González, Pepe Domingo Castaño and Nacho Villa make the staff of the Madrid based Cadena COPE. The official website of the Cadena FM Madrid is



Address: Calle Alfonso XI, 4, 28014 Madrid
+34 (91) 595-1200

Phone: 915951200




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