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ABC Punto Radio 106.3 FM Madrid (Now COPE) is a generalist chain of Radio Spanish belonging to the grupo Vocento. Its shareholders include journalist Luis del Olmo and Televisión Castilla y León. Se Hace Oir is the slogan of the COPE. It has its origins in the broadcasting network Radio Punto, Radio ABC launched on October 24, 2011 as ABC Punto Radio 106.3 FM Madrid. COPE retained the editorial staff and programs of the former chain as well as much of its FM stations upon its rebranding in 2013. Its main stars are Luis del Olmo, Melchor Miralles, Isabel San Sebastián, José Antonio Abellán and Ángel Expósito.

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  On 19 December of 2012 it was announced that ABC Punto Radio 106.3 FM Madrid would, after acknowledging that they had also established contacts with Onda Cero, integrate the Radio ABC into COPE. Thus, the chain disappeared on March 15, 2013 and was dissolved into COPE. COPE began broadcasting through most poles rented Vocento for a period of 15 years while Castilla y León went on to form the regional station Castilla y Leon Radio. Audiences can listen to the ABC Punto Radio (COPE) online. You can follow the station on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and Google+. Here is the official website: COPE 106.3 FM Madrid


Cinco Lunas Repetido Abellán en Punto Mesa y descanso Pensamiento animal
Luces en la Oscuridad a sale el Sol La liga en Punto Queremos hablar
Luces en la Oscuridad A su salud La caza Protagonistas Fin de Semana
La liga en Punto Cada mañan Sale el Sol Abellán en Punto
Cinco Lunas La rebotica En plan de negocio Repetido Abellán en Punto
Primera Plana fin de semana Primera Plana Pensamiento positivo La buena vida


Sara Infante Juan Quintana Sergio Fernández Goyo González
Isabel San Sebastián Jaume Segalés Rosa García Caro Pedro Riba
Albert Castillón Albert Castillón Marcelo Verdaja Pablo Pazos
Gonzalo Estefania Julio César Herrero Luis del Olmo Ángel Expósito
Melchor Miralles David Guerra Daniel Rodríguez

Enrique Beotas José Antonio Abellán Mar Romero


Address: Juan Ignacio Luca de Tena 7, 28027 Madrid, España

Tel.: 902 33 45 56


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