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BIG 97.5 FM Manitoba - CJKR-FM97.5 BIG FM (CJKR-FM) is a Winnipeg based Classic Rock station in the ownership of Corus Entertainment. CJOB and CJGV-FM are the siblings of the Big FM. Originally launched as CJOB-FM in May 1948, the simulcast (of CJOB) status remained consistent until the owners applied for the frequency change to BBG. The channel declared a format change in 1959 moving to Classical music and successfully changed its broadcast frequency form 103.1 MHz to 97.5 MHz making the content completely unique. Blick Broadcasting Ltd. was the first owner and held the channel until 1961 when J.O. Blick sold the  station to Frank Griffiths, the owner of New Westminster based CKNW. In 1962 the programing was once again changed to Country, Western with folk and ethnic content. By 1965 the would be (BIG 97.5) would operate at 97.5 MHz with and ERP of 310,000 watts. In the same year the Western Broadcasting Co. was declared as public company with Frank A. Griffiths as its President. News every hour was added to the content in 1968. The BIG 97.5 became the first automated Country station in the Canada in 1969 after achieving the landmarks of being the first FM and FM with separate programming in 1948 and 1960 respectively. In 1976 the call-sings if OB were changed to CHMM. In 1979 the transfer of effective control to J. Raymond Peters was rejected by CRTC.

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The channel switched its format i.e. from Country to Adult Contemporary in 1981. In June 1982 OB Radio Ltd. acquired the CJOB and CHMM after the approval of CRTC, however, there was no change in the ownership as the companies were owned by a subsidiary entitled to Frank A. Griffiths owned Western Broadcasting Co. Ltd. The call-sings of the 97.5 BIG were again changed to CKIS-FM in June 1984 with a contemporary format to flow. In 1991 CKIS was renamed as CJKR. In 2000 Corus Entertainment Inc. became the owners of CJOB-AM and CJKR after acquiring WIC Radio with an approval of the CRTC. BIG 97.5 once branded as Power 97 was changed to 97.5 BIG FM while switching its Active Rock format to Classic Rock Hits. Audiences can listen to the Big 97.5 online with music (Playlists, Classic Rock News, Music Store), concerts, events (The Tragically Hip, The Pumps & Orphan, BIG FM BBQ & Blues Festival, Cinderella’s Tom Keifer, Kenny Shields & Streetheart & The Headpins), contests (The BIG League), Trending Stories, latest news, Blue Bombers and on demand content. Fans may connect with the 97.5 BIG using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Here is the website: 97. 5 BIG FM


Nights with Alice Cooper Comics at Work 97.5 BIG FM
Shadoe and Joe Catching up with Shadoe & Joe Robin LaRose


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Address: 1440 Jack Blick Ave.

Unit 200

Winnipeg, MB

Tel: 204 786 2471

Fax: 204 783 4512

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