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The Wolf 104.9 Regina Saskatchewan104.9 The Wolf Regina also known as CFWF-FM is a radio station based in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Harvard Broadcasting is the owner of the channel. Initially launched as CKIT-FM in 1982 has a history of transition; In 1989 the 104.9 The Wolf was named as K105 FM, later incorporated as Magic 104.9, further branded as Hot 105 before ending on ‘The Wolf’ on January 5, 1996. Through these years the Wolf maintained its active rock format. The siblings of the CFWF-FM are CKRM and CHMX-FM. The hard rock and heavy metal are getting spun around by the Wolf for 20 years now. Regina’s Rock Station is the slogan of the channel. Local bands, Queen City Rocks and talented underground artists are promoted along playing legendary classic and modern charts.

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This January 2016, the station celebrated its 20th anniversary with the rock legends. CF Wolf is available in all the popular formats as well as significant online presence. From the online facility you can listen radio live, find, enjoy your favorite playlists, Look into the photos from the past and present events, can have the opportunity to win different contests and find the events on the prowl. Visitors on the site can read Wolf Music News and find Regina’s Rock 20 charts form years 2015 and 2016. Part of the Pack is newest treat for the listeners, get registered and be a part of special member contests. Get updated with latest concerts, contests, festivals and have the opportunity to win different prizes by registering as a member. You can tell them what to play, read station blogs, enjoy What’s App-Ening and join the station on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram platforms. Download the Android and iPhone app to listen the station on the go. Here is the website: The Wolf 104.9 (CFWF-FM)


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Marcello, Nikki Sixx Michael Ball
Chad McDonald Johnny English


Address: 1900 Rose St., Regina, Saskatchewan S4P

Tel: (306)-546-6200

Email: tschutz@harvardbroadcasting.com

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