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BBC R4 or simply Radio 4 is a British national radio channel / station owned and operated by the management of British Broadcasting Corporation (abbreviated as BBC). In accordance with total hours, the second most popular British domestic radio station after R2 is the BBC Radio 4 and it is also the popular and famous station in the London and the South of England areas. The channel is operated in England’s national language English (International). People describes its valuable importance as the ‘speech radio for curious minds’.

First on aired as R4 on September 30, 1967. However, before approximately 28 years the station was known for ‘Home service’, when BBC renamed its many of regional stations in United Kingdom for giving the replication to the provocation of offshare radio. The station usually goes to provide the regional news, talk shows and dramas to the audience.


Below are the frequencies currently being recognized by the R4:

  • FM: 92.5–96.1 MHz, 103.5–104.9 MHz
  • LW: 198 kHz
  • MW: 603 kHz, 720 kHz, 774 kHz, 756 kHz, 1449 kHz, 1494 kHz
  • DAB: 12B
  • Freesat: 704 FM, 710 LW
  • Freeview: 704 FM
  • Sky (UK only): 0104 FM, 0143 LW
  • TalkTalk TV: 604 FM
  • Virgin Media: 904 FM, 911 LW
  • UPC Ireland: 910 FM

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BBC Radio 3 Live Radio UK


BBC Radio 3 Listen Live UK

BBC Radio 3 LogoBBC Radio 3 or BBC R3 is a national regional radio station currently functioning and broadcasting under the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) based in United Kingdom. The station was first on aired on 30 September 1967 for spreading pop, cultural and western music. When this was newly created, the pop music was not much popular. Overall R3 has also won the Sony Radio Academy UK Station of Year Gold Award in 2009.


  • FM: 90.2 MHz – 92.6 MHz
  • DAB: 12B
  • Freeview: 703
  • Freesat: 703
  • Sky (UK only): 0103
  • Virgin Media: 903
  • TalkTalk TV: 603
  • UPC Ireland: 909

BBC R3 plays a large quantity of Classical, jazz, world music, drama, culture and arts shows. The programmes are usually broadcasted in UK’s national and world’s International language English.

Choral Evensong, Composer of the Week, Jazz Record Requests, CD Review and Pied Piper are the notable programme shows that are observed by many audiences broadcasted live through BBC R3. (more…)

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7 Waves Radio 92.1


7waves 92.1 logo

7 Waves Radio 92.1 (originally 7 Waves Community radio) is a UK independent community radio located in Leasowe, Wirral, Merseyside, UK. The station is positioned built in such a way for media centres which includes on-air studios.


  • Pauline Murphy (Station manager)
  • Nick Fair
  • Glynn Thomas
  • Lorraine Smith (Receptionist)

Above are its staff, consist of four person.

David Prior (as 7WCR Chair), Iris Coates (as Board Member), Dave Litherland (as Board Member) and Brian Simpson (as Board Member) are the key people of this radio station.

At daytime programming shows from 7am to 8pm, with quite uncommon conditions, is broadcast live from the studios in Leasowe. From 8pm to 2am usually in weekdays, a few programmes are live and some are recorded. Through the night slot from 2am to 7am is oftentimes live and oftentimes recorded, based on presenter availabilities. The station broadcasts events, community shows, news (local & international) and music as well.


  • Andy Wrob
  • Adam Siddorn
  • Geoff Morris
  • Glynn Thomas
  • Terry Lennaine
  • Paul Leckie
  • Nick Parton
  • Paul Stewart
  • Rik Stone
  • Eric Baxendale
  • Dave Taylor

Above are current presents that are either RJ or DJ.

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BBC Radio 1 UK


BBC Radio 1 UK Listen Live

BBC Radio 1 logoBBC Radio 1 or British Radio 1 is the British radio with extreme popularity in the area United Kingdom having more than 44,500,000 audiences per month according to a survey, it is fully operated by British Broadcasting Corporation. This is one of the most popular station that is also tuned in international states like United States, Australia, Canada, etc. Best age limit for Radio 1 ranges from 15 to 29 (starting maturity to peek maturity). The station is played in FM, DAB and TV.

Radio 1 was first on aired at 7:00am (English time) on Saturday 30 September, 1967, afterwards this station went to broadcast some most popular and famous music and plays as well since 1985. Tony Blackburn began to expose his entertainment audio acting and was known for “first DJ of the station“.


Below is the frequency of the channel:

  • FM: 97.7 MHz – 99.7 MHz (UK)
  • 97.1 MHz (Jersey)
  • DAB: 12B – BBC National DAB
  • RDS Name: Radio 1
  • Freeview: 700
  • Freesat: 700
  • Sky (UK only): 0101
  • Virgin Media: 901
  • TalkTalk TV: 600
  • UPC Ireland: 907

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XFM 104.9 London


XFM 104.9 London Listen Live Radio UK

xfm 104.9 logoXFM 104.9 is one of the most popular UK’s radio station established in the year 1997. The station is much popular and having great number of audiences, listeners and fans. It provides to the listeners Alternative music, Rock Music, Western Music and other entertainment variates. It is owned under the biggest media radio corporation which is know for “Global Radio“.

Global Radio – Ownerships

A British based private media corporation also owned other radio stations likewise Capital FM, LBC, Gold Radio, Choice FM, Heart Radio and XFM. The headquarters are located in Leicester Square, London. The company was came into existence in the year 2007.


Frequency City
97.7 MHz Manchester
104.9 MHz London
12A London, Central Lancashire, Yorkshire
12C Severn Estuary
11C Birmingham, Exeter & Torbay, Manchester, Cambridge, Kent, Swindon, Tyne & Wear
12D Berkshire & North Hampshire, Coventry, Essex, Peterborough, Wiltshire
11B Cornwall, Leicester, Liverpool, Norwich, Teesside, Sussex, Wolverhampton
12C Nottingham
Satellite & Cables Channel
Sky Channel 0113
Freesat Channel 723
TalkTalk TV Channel 621
Virgin Media Channel 965
UPC Ireland Channel 923

XFM London Live Streaming – Listen 104.9 FM Online (more…)

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Choice FM London


Choice FM London Listen Live

Choice FM LogoChoice FM is amongst the most popular urban radio station ranking #1 of the urban radio stations in United Kingdom as the radio’s slogan “Your Number One Urban Station”. The station is commercially broadcasts and known for London’s Choice. It is owned under the Global Radio which is the biggest radio corporation established in UK. This radio channel was first on aired as an independent on March 31, 1990. It broadcasts the whole area in England and Wales. Below are the frequencies of this station:

  • 96.9, 107.1 MHz (London)
  • Sky: 0114
  • Freesat: 720
  • TalkTalk TV: 622
  • Virgin Media: 969
  • DAB Digital Radio (MXR Regional Multiplexes)

Global Radio – Ownerships

A British based private media corporation also owned other radio stations likewise Capital FM, LBC, Gold Radio, Heart Radio and XFM. The headquarters are located in Leicester Square, London. The company was came into existence in the year 2007.

Choice FM Live Streaming – Listen 107.1 FM London (more…)

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Buzz Asia UK


Buzz Asia Radio Station Online

Buzz Asia LogoBuzz Asia is an rhythmic Indian community radio stations specially created for Asian communities established in United Kingdom. It’s frequency is 963 AM and 972 AM and the station is broadcasting from Middlesex, UK. The radio station was came into being in 2002. The radio service plays Asian unforgettable programmes, latest Asian music, UK’s western music, local & regional news and events discussion. Following are the sister radio station of the channel:

  • Sunrise Radio
  • Kismat Radio

It is very famous radio station having many fans and listeners as well. The station is specially created for the age levels from 25 to 35 and occupies youth audiences.

Buzz Asia Online – 963 AM & 972 AM (more…)

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