Thr Gegar Online


thr gegar online

Thr Gegar Malaysia Online

Thr Gegar is one of the most Popular FM radio station of Malaysia. It is also called ” gem of East Coast”

Now you can listen to THR gegar live streaming online over the Internet directly to your computer. the motto of THR FM  is Gems of the East Coast. meet with your favorite DJs, Hakim’s brother Andy, Gina, Rezlynn and many others. they will entertain you with various local pop songs from the 80s era songs. THR gegar is one of the best FM radio I like in Australia because most of the songs last song published in THR concussion. Besides the melodious music, THR also provides you with  Bollywood and  Hindi songs through  their famous show Hindi Power!. You can also listen to THR FM radio at a frequency of 99.3 MHz for the Klang Valley and Pulau Pinang, Negeri  Sembilan to 101.5 MHz, 101.9 MHz.

Thr Gegar Listen Online

Thr Gegar FM  can be listened Online easily, the streaming of thr gegar will load after few seconds: relax and enjoy 😉

Last Updated: 25 September 2015.

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THR Raaga Online


THR Raaga Online

THR Raaga

THR Raaga

THR Raaga is one of the most famous and popular radio station in Malaysia. It is the number one tamil radio station of Malaysia. THR is available on the similar two languages THR Gegar is Permata Pantai Timur while THR Raaga is at Tamil. It is developing day by day. It plays beautiful tamil songs and music.

THR Raaga Live Streaming (Capsule)

Below is the streaming of this famous radio station of Malaysia. Please wait a while the stream loads completely.

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Malaysia Radio Stations


Malaysia is one of the modern and developed country having large number of radio audience, there are above 50 private and government owned stations in the country. moreover most of them are available on internet for listening them online. youth population of Malaysia during their work and office time, tune to the popular radio stations.
click on respective radio station to listen it online.

Listen To Malaysia Radio Stations – Most Poular

Thr Raaga

Sabah FM


Sabah FM Online – Bagus Bah

Sabah FM Bagus Bah

Sabah FM is the best radio station in the state owned by Radio Television Malaysia (RTM) in Malay language. The motto of this radio station is Good Bah. It operates 24 hours a day seven segments. It was established in 1939 in Jesselton (Kota Kinbalu). It is also consist of its official website click here to see.

Sabah FM Frequencies

It has many frequencie. Some of them nearly all frequencies are listed below.

  • 89.1 MHz Kota Kinabalu
  • 89.6 MHz Tawau, Semporna, Kalabakan
  • 89.7 MHz Lahad Datu
  • West Coast 89.9 MHz, Tuaran-Show
  • 90.3 MHz Tenom, Keningau
  • 92.9 MHz Sandakan, BCS, Bkt. Salt
  • 95.7 MHz Tawau
  • 95.9 MHz Kudat, Tandek, Pitas
  • 97.1 MHz Kudat
  • 97.9 MHz Sindumin, W.P. Labuan
  • 101.5 MHz Kota Belud
  • 104.5 MHz Outback and the West Coast

Sabah FM Online Streaming – Listen Live

Sabah FM is also an online radio station of Malaysia, you  can listen this radio station live online below. If the streaming is not showing then click the “Listen Live” button below to show it.

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Aura FM


Aura FM MalayAura FM is a very new and interactive Malaysian web-radio featuring World music full-time entertainment and useful information every time, no matter where you are. The radio favors its audiences with a unique twist to their music choices. AURAfm was established on May 3, 2011 and aims to be the number one interactive, online radio station making its place in mainstream Malaysia radios. The objective is to build youth community that is united, disciplined, and ethical and move forward in the field of social and economic development. The mission is to build a community which is healthy, vibrant, cultured and responsive towards unity and national development. “AURAfm also wants to make sure the listeners are satisfied with the latest songs that are played by DJs at AURA, making the experienced, steady and winning team. And when the claim as to be interactive, they really prove it! Yes, AURAFM In The House is may be a medium to interact with listeners and loyal followers tied to Aura. And you have the opportunity to mingle and add contacts through the Facebook page.

More Radios from Malaysia

Listen Aura FM Malaysia Online

Listen AURA.FM: Gegaran Dunia Muzik Interaktif live. Here is the Pertubuhan Pemilik Radio Internet Malaysia. Wait as the stream loads. (more…)

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