Sarawak FM Malaysia

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Sarawak FM Online

Sarawak FM is one of the popular radio station in Sarawak, Malaysia. It is a state radio station which is owned by Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM). It is broadcasted 24 hours during day and night. Sarawak FM was firstly established in 1954. Sarawak FM is also known as the second name called Radio Malaysia Sarawak. Sarawak FM plays different types of music, songs and other entertainment material including Malaysian (in malay language) and other western music (hollywood songs).

Sarawak FM Contact Details

Tel: 082-248422
Fax: 082-241914

Sarawak FM Frequencies

Below is the list of frequencies of this radio station.

Kuching & Samarahan88.991.9101.3-----
Sri Aman100.3106.389.5--89.5--


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Kral FM

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Kral FM Dinle

Kral FM Dinle

Kral FM is the most popular radio specially in Istanbul, Turkey. In English it is written and spoke as King FM. The following are the frequencies of this radio station. there is daily for kral fm top 10,  kral fm top 40 , you can listen this radio

The frequencies are listed below

92.0 Istanbul
92.0 Bursa
92.0 Kocaeli
92.0 Diyarbakir
92.0 Denizli
102.4 Ankara
96.2 Izmir
96.2 Sivas
105.4 Adana
105.4 Osmaniye
95.1 Konya
88.6 Eskisehir
93.9 Kayseri
99.7 Samsun
90.2 Antalya
98.1 Mersin
91.8 Erzurum
92.5 Sanliurfa
107.5 Gaziantep
104.9 Malatya
101.3 Sakarya
92.3 Trabzon


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All India Radio

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All India Radio Online

all India radio logoAll India Radio is group of  radio stations managed by governemt of India. Mostly channels are of  AM Radio frequency , Kilo Hertz ( Khz ) news are published many times a day

there are lot of AM radio channels on aired by All India Radio

Vividh Bharati is also service provided by All india Radio , other services consist of following frequecies

but unfortunately they are not availble for listening online you can still listen other radio stations of India on this website. choose any radio stations from right menu and enjoy listening

All India Radio Frequencies Khz and Mhz

below are table of frequencies of AM and FM Stations in medium wave and short wave , of All India Radio in different cities of India (more…)

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