2ch Easy 1170 Sydney

2CH 1170 Sydney Radio Station Live

2CH 1170 Sydney Radio Station Live

2ch Easy 1170 is the most famous and popular radio station of Sydney, Australia. This radio station plays most beautiful English Songs. This radio station (2CH Easy 1170) was the leading radio station in the town before 30 years. 2CH Easy 1170 have many listeners, RJ’s and DJ’s.

Below is the streaming of 2ch Easy 1170 Sydney which is located in Australia. You can listen this radio station after 1 to 2 minutes, Press play button to listen live streaming of 2ch Australia.

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  • Brian Pendlebury


    George Ilich,

    You played a number by Ole ’55, ‘Looking for an echo” around 1.35pm today (Sunday). Could you confirm for me if the group referred to is the Canadian quartet the Four Lads?

    I am going on the line Jimmy, Connie and Frankie and some Italian guy as the group consisted of Jimmy Arnold, Connie Codarini. Frank Buseri and the Bernie Toorish.

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